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Elgin Lights Display Owner Hopes for Bright Turnout |

Elgin, SC (WLTX) - A "drive-thru" Christmas light show is getting setup to shine, putting smiles on the faces of those attend and some who can't.

You don't have to look any further than Elgin to find the Christmas Spirit and Paul Towns, a man with many names but mainly known to most as the engineer behind "The Elgin Lights."

"A little bit of something for everybody, even all age groups," said Towns.

From trains, planes, and tractors to two whole acres of lights, more than 30,000 Christmas lights, Towns has been making Elgin shine even through the tough times.

"I try to offer the people a lot to see and do. Then I let them take it in their own heart to see if they want to give to help other kids," said Towns.

In 2004, while watching News19, Towns was introduced to Cole Sawyer, an 11-year-old boy who loved going to Camp Kemo so much, he raised money to help send other kids.

"He passed away in 2004, and that's the same year that I found out I had cancer and started treatment," said Towns.

Towns never met young Cole and receives chemotherapy treatment for his cancer. But since that story aired, he's flipped the switch on his light show, raising some money of his own.

"The show is actually free to the public, nobody has to pay anything. But we do have a milk can and if people want to drop donations into 100% goes to Camp Kemo."

Over the years, they've managed to raise more than $50,000, sending 13 to 14 kids a year to Camp Kemo.

"What most people don't understand, we don't want any families with sick children to have to pay one penny for their child to go to camp," said Towns.

He's an engineer lighting up the Christmas spirit, helping to raise the spirit of children, year-round.

"If there is a family that's struggling, they can come out here and see this show and maybe put a smile on a kids face, for nothing."

The Christmas light show will switch on starting Dec. 15. It is located at 2433 Charlies Horse Drive in Elgin, SC. It is free to the public and they will accept donations again this year for camp kemo. You can find more information at

Elgin Lights Display Owner Hopes for Bright Turnout |

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